Welcome to Hydrus Entertainment!

1/1/2005 - It's the new year! I'll continue experimenting with C# amongs the millions of other things that I find myself doing. ;) As before, my previous experimentations can be found in the Projects section of my web site. - Shane Cantrell

2/24/2005 - I updated my Phong Demo code to work with the latest DirectX SDK. I also made a few other minor enhancements. Currently, I have been focused on improving my ANSI C++ coding practices. Here is an example of my work-in-progress: Games.zip - Shane Cantrell

5/24/2005 - After being officially accepted by the CS department at UC Santa Barbara, I've decided to focus on getting a masters degree in computer graphics. Though I am currently no longer looking for a full time job, I want summer internships, which would be perfect for any company looking try me out. I expect that no company would be disappointed with my skills, especially when enhanced by some more education. ;) - Shane Cantrell

12/10/2005 - Ha ha! It has been so long. Check out my most recent school project: Sphere Tag - Shane Cantrell

2/02/2007 - I will be starting a job with Green Hills Software this summer. It seems like great place to work. I had an internship there last summer. I will try to continue writing little projects, but it is hard for me to tell how busy I will be. Check out my most recent school project: Winter Wonderland - Shane Cantrell